Booking Terms and Conditions


DEFINITIONS In these terms and conditions, where the expressions “Arrival Date”, Cottage”, “Departure Date”, “Deposit”, “Holiday Period” and “Holiday Price” are used they shall have the meanings given to them in our written Booking Confirmation. Please see section below

Booking Confirmation

A booking is only confirmed by us when we have sent you a written confirmation of your booking (which may be done by e-mail) and received your Deposit in cleared funds

Nature of the Booking

Once we have issued a written booking confirmation and received your Deposit in cleared funds (and in return for you complying with these Terms and Conditions including your payment obligations) you are granted a licence to occupy the accommodation during the Holiday Period for the purpose of a holiday. The Booking is not intended to create any relationship of landlord and tenant between us. You are not entitled to any tenancy, or to an assured short-hold tenancy or to any statutory protection under the Housing Act 1988 or to any other statutory security of tenure now or when the licence to occupy ends. The booking is personal to you. You must not use the Holiday Accommodation except for the purposes of a holiday by you and your group during the Holiday Period and not for any other purpose without prior agreement

Arrival and Departure

Please call Gemma Minter on [….] two days before the Arrival Date to confirm your arrival time. This telephone number is also on our website and all correspondence. We do like to greet our guests and show them round the accommodation. Your accommodation will be ready from 3pm on the Arrival Date. Arrivals after 7pm are not a problem as we have key safes with each accommodation. We will of course need to discuss this in order to provide you with the relevant code for that cottage that week if this is the case. You must vacate the accommodation by 10.30am on the Departure Date in order that we may have it ready for the next guests. Please help us by ensuring that you vacate on time. We’d love to let you stay but we do need to ensure that it is spic and span for the next guests! It’s what we did for you prior to your arrival!


Please pay via our […] . You may also pay by cheque or bank transfer. Please contact us for details in this event

When you need to pay

If bookings are made within one month of the Arrival Date the Holiday Price must paid in full. For booking made in excess of one month from the Arrival Date you must pay a deposit. The deposit will be £100 per accommodation per booking, with the balance of the Holiday price payable one month prior to the Arrival Date. For Bookings across the Christmas and New Year periods the balance payment is due 8 weeks prior to the booking start date, if the booking is cancelled after the balance is paid then 100% of the balance will be repaid dependent on the cottage being resold, if the accommodation remains unsold then no monies can be returned. During this period the deposit is forfeit. We will contact you to take the balance payment

Cancellation / Changes to a Booking

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to change a confirmed booking but will accommodate you where we can. Either of us may cancel a booking at least one month before the Arrival Date, in which case all monies will be returned to you If you cancel a booking less than one month before the Arrival Date you will lose your Deposit and you may also lose the balance of your Holiday Price. The balance will only be repaid to the extent that we are able to re-let the accommodation during the Holiday Period We may cancel your booking or cut your holiday short where you breach this agreement or because we have been affected by events beyond our reasonable control. Please see the ‘Early Termination’ section for further details For bookings across the Christmas and New Year periods the balance payment is due 8 weeks prior to the booking start date as stated above. If the booking is cancelled after the balance is paid then 100% of the balance will be repaid only if the cottage is ‘resold’ upon being made available, which we will do immediately. If the accommodation remains unsold then no monies can be returned. During this period the deposit is forfeit.


The price quoted is our current price list. Prices may change, so please confirm the price before making a booking. The price at the time of booking is what you will pay

Breakfast Basket

We provide a ‘proper’ English breakfast as standard with every stay. This will include eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, bread, butter, milk, fresh fruit and some cookies

Extra Charges

All our cottages are adequately heated so we do charge for firewood if you wish to use any of ours. We sell this on to you at cost so do not make any money on it. You are welcome to bring your own provided that it is of suitable quality. You will also have to pay for pets – £15 each (See section below) We do offer various other items on our website such as hampers, gift items etc. If ordering in advance these will need to be paid for prior to your stay If you notify us in advance of your pets requirements then they will be included in the Holiday Price in your Booking Confirmation. If you do not so notify us in advance then these will be charged separately.


Please leave the accommodation tidy and rubbish free on departure – cleaning materials are supplied for this. Alternatively we offer a service for those guests who prefer not to tidy up, which costs £25 per cottage. Please advise in advance if you would like this service You should keep the accommodation and the furnishings, kitchen equipment, crockery, glasses, bedding and towels clean and in good condition. We are sure that you will take care whilst you stay with us, and we acknowledge that accidents sometimes happen. We do however reserve the right to charge for any damage or breakages, which we consider, was deliberately or recklessly caused. You will be notified in writing as soon as is reasonably practicable, if the damage is discovered after you depart. We also reserve the right to charge further sums if we are unable to re-let the cottage as a consequence of the damage. To this end your booking authorises us to request any additional sums in the unlikely event of damage and £25 for extra cleaning should the cottage not be left tidy and rubbish free on your departure. If reasonably possible, we will discuss with you the extra charges in respect of damage or cleaning before taking the funds. Please note that the holiday is self-catering.

Value Added Tax

The Holiday Price is inclusive of VAT. Whilst we are liable to pay VAT it is clear that guests would not want to pay an additional amount. So, we have paid the VAT due ourselves without passing on the charge to you and therefore any change in the rate of VAT has no effect on the prices because you are not charged it and we have to pay it whether it is 1% or 20%.


All guests must register their names, addresses and email addresses with us – and let us know in which accommodation they are staying, this is a legal and insurance requisite. Groups – No more than the maximum number of persons, as stated in our written Booking Confirmation may occupy the accommodation. We may refuse to allow you to occupy the accommodation or require you to vacate the accommodation if group numbers exceed that maximum number and/or the number of guests which you told us would form your party. We reserve the right to refuse or revoke any bookings from groups or individuals which in our reasonable opinion are unsuitable for the accommodation. For example, because taking a child into the particular accommodation would be unsafe or because the group is too large or rowdy. Babies And Children Parents and guardians must ensure that their children are supervised by a responsible adult and are not left unattended. You must take particular care when children are around animals, equipment and water.


We do not allow pets to stay in the accommodation.


The accommodation are complete homes with TV, DVD/ CD Player, Docking Station, bed-linen, towels, soap, fresh & instant coffee, tea, sugar, salt, pepper, olive oil, fresh herbs, matches, candles, firelighters and all the items that are required for a 4 Star Gold English Tourism Council rating. We give an honest impression of what the accommodation looks like through our published images but please be aware that items such as furniture and furnishings are replaced when broken or damaged and that rooms and gardens might have changed since photography; if you wish to be certain that any specific item is still at the accommodation please do check with us first. Cots and high chairs are available on request (FREE of charge)

Our accommodation is all non-smoking

Your Obligations

No furniture, bedding, plates or cutlery etc should be moved from or between any of the accommodation. You must not do anything that may reasonably be considered to cause a nuisance or annoyance to any other occupier of neighbouring premises. We may require you and your group to vacate the accommodation if you are too rowdy. Flowers and plants are not to be picked or pulled up. You must not litter the area. You must also comply with any other regulations which we reasonably make from time to time and notified to you from time to time during the Holiday Period and ensure that they are observed by all members of your group.

Early Termination

This section sets out when we may cancel your booking less than one month before the Arrival Date (including during the Holiday Period).

Please see the ‘Cancellation/Changes to a Booking’ section above for details of other circumstances in which we or you may cancel your booking before the Arrival Date.

We may terminate your booking less than one month before the Arrival Date or during your Holiday Period by notice to you only if you are in material breach of these terms and conditions or because we are affected by events beyond our reasonable control (such as, but without limitation, flood, fire, adverse weather conditions, act of God, war, terrorist threat, government action or some other catastrophic event of the type covered in a comprehensive insurance policy or the breach or failure of third parties who supply goods, services or property). In which case, if your holiday has begun, you will have to vacate the accommodation.

In the situation that the accommodation you have booked is not accessible from one of the nearby major roads due to flooding, snow or other adverse weather conditions the cost of the booking will be refunded to you.

We cannot be held responsible if you are not able to reach the accommodation because of your local adverse weather or travel problems.

Please note that, without limitation, we consider non-payment of fees when due, your being rowdy, smoking in the accommodation, exceeding group numbers, exceeding pet numbers, badly behaved animals, wilfully damaging the accommodation or allowing pets or children to be unsupervised a material breach of these terms and conditions.

If, in accordance with these terms, we terminate your booking less than one month before the Arrival Date or during your Holiday Period otherwise than by reason of your breach of these terms and conditions we shall return to you that part of the Booking Costs which relate to the part of the Holiday Period during which you did not occupy the accommodation due to such termination.

Notices Any notice to be served on you under these terms and conditions may be given during the Holiday Period by delivery through the letter box or putting under the front door of the accommodation and shall be deemed received on delivery.